Steering Overcorrection

A Common & Deadly Error
One of the most common driving errors that get people hurt or killed is steering over correction. For various reasons, drivers will have the right side tires on their vehicle drop off the right side of the roadway onto the shoulder or grass. When this happens the driver will panic and yank the steering wheel back to the left, causing the car to go out of control and into other lanes of traffic. If there happens to be a vehicle in that lane of traffic then an accident will occur, sometimes a violent head-on wreck. Even if there are no other vehicles in the area, the car will sometimes become so out of control it will overturn. None of these situations are good.

Maintain Control
If the tires on your vehicle drop off the right side of the roadway, gradually slow down, maintain control of your vehicle, and when your speed has been reduced to a manageable level, turn back left onto the roadway at a time and place it can be done safely. The life you save may just be your own.