Crosswalk Yield Checks Enforcement

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The SGF Yields pedestrian safety program has significantly increased driver compliance at crosswalks over the years, however, we are not quite there yet. For a more walkable, pedestrian-friendly community, we need all drivers to make yielding at crosswalks a habit. 

National studies through the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration have shown that crosswalk enforcement activities like Yield Checks can achieve such community change. Therefore, in 2020, and again in 2021, the Springfield Police Department partnered with SGF Yields to apply for a grant through the Missouri Department of Transportation to fund crosswalk enforcement.
The program, with a focus on education and following best practices, was approved for a $21,120 grant.  

How Crosswalk Yield Checks Work

Three police officers will station themselves at a designated crosswalk location for approximately four hours, monitoring for driver compliance. One officer in plain clothing will act as a pedestrian, a second will function as a spotter and a third will be in a patrol car, ready to stop those who do not properly yield to the pedestrian.   

Posted signage will alert drivers that they are approaching a Yield Check location. Those who are stopped will be provided a warning and educational materials. Beginning June 30, drivers may receive citations for blatant violations. Officers may also address any pedestrians that do not follow regulations, providing similar warnings and education to those who put themselves or others at risk.

The public will be notified of upcoming Crosswalk Yield Check locations in advance via news release and social media. Results of the exercise will also be reported to the public.  

Determining Yield Check Locations

Crosswalk Yield Check locations are determined by Springfield Public Works and Springfield Police Department with guidance and input from citizens through the SGF Yields Citizen Action Group. Interested in joining this group? Submit an interest form to SGF Yields. 

The SGF Yields Action Group will review locations and consider any requested locations brought forward by the public. To suggest a crosswalk enforcement location, please email [email protected] .

Upcoming Yield Check Locations: 

~ Yield Check events have ended in 2023. Stay tuned for upcoming events approved for funding in 2024. ~

Eduforcement Warning Flyer
Enforcement ahead sign

Enforcement Results


March 23, 2023Mt. Vernon & GoldenYield Rate: 35%Warnings issued: 13
March 31, 20231300 E Bradford PkwyYield Rate: 78%Warnings issued: 19
April 5, 2023Norton & BroadwayYield Rate: 42%Warnings issued: 15
April 12, 2023Sunset & Grant AveYield Rate: 31%Warnings issued: 18
April 19, 2023Cherry & Holland Yield Rate: 76%Warnings issued: 8
April 26, 2023Chesterfield & TolliverYield Rate: 54%Warnings issued: 17
May 3, 2023 - CITATIONS STARTBennett & DelawareYield Rate: 89%Citations issued: 4
May 11, 2023 High & RooseveltYield Rate:  56%Citations issued: 4
May 17, 2023Cherry West of FlorenceYield Rate: 69%Citations issued: 8
May 24, 2023 Ingram Mill at SenecaYield Rate: 65%Citations issued: 10
June 14, 2023Grant N of TalmageYield Rate: 73%Citations issued: 8
July 12, 2023Atlantic at CampbellYield Rate: 44%Citations issued: 5
July 21, 2023Sunset E of Kimbrough HAWKYield Rate: 93 %Citations issued: 3
August 2, 2023Broadway at Swan StYield Rate: 33%Citations issued: 8
August 31, 2023Grant at Calhoun RRFBYield Rate: 71%Citations issued: 6
September 7, 2023Kimbrough at BennettYield Rate: 71%Citations issued: 2

March 24, 2021Atlantic and CampbellYield Rate: 59%Warnings issued: 16
March 30, 2021Sunset and GrantYield Rate: 33%Warnings issued: 16
April 9, 2021Fort & MadisonYield Rate: 7%Warnings issued: 14
April 30, 2021Norton & BroadwayYield Rate: 38%Warnings issued: 21
May 12, 2021Grant & MadisonYield Rate: 27%Warnings issued: 22
May 20, 2021Mt Vernon & GoldenYield Rate: 52%Warnings issued: 16
June 9, 2021600 E Sunset St (HAWK)Yield Rate: 86%Warnings issued: 15
June 16, 2021Grant & Calhoun (RRFB)Yield Rate: 71%Warnings issued: 17
June 30, 2021 - CITATION STARTSunset at GrantYield Rate: 55%Citations  issued: 9
July 6, 2021Broadway at TalmageYield Rate: 40%Citations issued: 12
July 8, 2021Walnut Lawn at Broadway (RRFB)Yield Rate: 76%Citations issued: 8
July 14, 2021Saint Louis & HammonsYield Rate: 87%Citations issued: 7
July 20, 2021Jefferson & BennettYield Rate: 14%Citations issued: 12
July 22, 2021Jefferson near SunsetYield Rate: 82%Citations issued: 8
August 8, 2021Campbell & CalhounYield Rate: 36%Citations issued: 9
August 11, 2021JQH Pkwy & HarrisonYield Rate: 85%Citations issued: 6
August 16, 2021Cherry & ClayYield Rate: 82%Citations issued: 6