Your Guide to TeleWIC

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TeleWIC is a videoconferencing tool that offers families a more convenient and flexible option to access WIC services.  

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1. When scheduling your next appointment, your nutritionist will ask if you would like to complete your next visit through Zoom.
2. If accepted, you will need to provide your preferred email for us to send you your Zoom appointment details. 
3. Between your initial phone appointment and your scheduled future Zoom appointment, you will need to visit your local WIC office to get your card  
    physically reloaded with future benefits. 
4. Continue the Zoom setup by entering your name and creating a password. 
5. You will get a reminder text two days before your scheduled Zoom appointment date. 
6. You will get an email with log-in information one day before your appointment date. 
7. Please join the meeting five minutes before your scheduled time. 

downloading zoom

1. Windows & Mac: (download the Zoom Client for Meetings). Run the downloaded program to install it. 
2. iOS (iPhone): Search “ZOOM Cloud Meetings” in the App Store.
3. Android: Google Play Store or search for "Zoom Meeting" in Google Play.

joining a meeting

1. Open Zoom on your preferred device.
2. Click the blue “Join” button.
3. Join Using a Link: If you were sent a link to join a meeting, or if you found it online, click the link and follow the on-screen instructions.
4. If you don't have a link, enter the 9 or 10-digit Meeting ID given to you and your name. Click join.

zoom interface

zoom interface

1. Mute or unmute your microphone
2. Turn off/turn on your camera
3. Invite participants to the meeting
4. Manage or view a list of participants
5. Share you screen
6. Open the chat window
7. Record the meeting
8. Leave the meeting
9. Video area 

helpful hints

1. If you do not see or hear anything initially, please give the nutritionist some time to join (even if it's a little past the scheduled start time of your appointment. 
2. You are not required to have your camera turned on during the appointment, but you are more than welcomed to. 
3. If you are having struggles with joining the Zoom appointment, please give us a call as quick as you can, and we will complete your appointment by phone. 
4. If the nutritionist is having technical difficulties, they will conduct your appointment by phone.

Have questions? We are always happy to help!
Give us a call at (417) 864-1540
WIC is an equal opportunity provider/employer

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