The About Persons with Past Legal Issues in Employment workshop offers job seekers who have legal convictions/charges information to assist in obtaining employment. The workshop focuses on resumes, interview tips, and how to answer the legal question honestly without conviction terms.  


Budgeting 101
Gain a wealth of knowledge in this workshop taught by a local financial institution.  It will cover basics on budgeting and give tips on how to follow a budget and not become overwhelmed. It also includes hard-to-discuss topics like dealing with less than perfect credit and credit reports.


Career Exploration
This workshop gives you the tools to assess your knowledge, skills, personal interests, and priorities on the journey to finding the job that is a good fit for you. Identify available resources to assist you in finding a rewarding career. 


Get a Job/Keep a Job
This session assists job seekers in how to look for a job that is a good fit based on personal budget, hours and benefits. Job applications, interviewing, resumes and maintaining employment will also be covered including those all important soft skills. 


Interview Process
This workshop provides practical advice on how to best showcase your skills and experience through research, practice, and preparation. Learn the different types of interviews and strategies to master different types of interviews.


Online Applications and Resumes
Learn the process of completing online applications, creating supporting documents such as resumes and cover letters. Find out what employers are looking for when reviewing resumes. Identify and optimize essential components of your resume such as skills and abilities, work history and education to help you stand out to employers.


Veteran’s Career & Employment Resources
Practical information for veterans and eligible spouses on translating military training to civilian skills, the use of social  media/networking in the job search, resume building and targeting, and advice on preparing for the job interview.


Adult Education & Literacy
On-site classroom and teachers specializing in HiSet Prep courses and adult remediation (basic skills upgrade). Day classes offered. Call 417-887-4343 to set up an appointment for orientation.



WorkKeys Assessment (NCRC)
Take the assessment that results in a National Career Readiness Certificate. This certificate is recognized nationwide. Demonstrate to employers your level of job skills in the areas of Applied Mathematics, Workplace Documents, and Graphic Literacy. 


The Talify Assessment connects talented Missouri job seekers with career opportunities in a way never before possible – increasing the opportunities available to you.


Additional Services Available

  • Career Closet: FREE gently used clothing, accessories, hygiene items and more!
  • Access to phone, fax, copier and computers
  • One-on-one job searching
  • Resource materials