Where do my recyclables go?

The City of Springfield has competitively bid contracts in place with several local recycling businesses for items collected at all City-managed recycling facilities. 

mixed paper  nestle purina petcare

All mixed paper collected at City recycling sites goes to Nestlé Purina PetCare manufacturing facility in Springfield. The mixed paper is recycled on-site into animal bedding and pet litter products - Purina's Yesterday's News Brand Cat Litter and Purina Second Nature brand dog litter which are sold throughout the U.S.

This contract resulted in: 

•  Approximately $2.5 million returned to our community annually in payroll and locally purchased goods and services.

•  The construction of a $3 million, 30,000 square foot manufacturing facility

•  Approximately 30 jobs brought to Springfield.

cardboard  NEw american recycling

Cardboard materials go to New American Recycling, here in Springfield. It is processed here and marketed to companies that manufacture it into new cardboard products or boxboard (cereal box material) containers or similar packing materials.

plastics  New american recycling

Plastic items also go to New American Recycling where they are processed and marketed to companies that manufacture products like carpet, clothing, composite decking and other building materials and consumer products. 

tin/Steel  Commercial Metals

Tin and steel materials go to Commercial Metals, also located in Springfield. They are processed and marketed to companies that recycle it into new aluminum and steel products. 

Glass  Ripple Glass

Glass goes to Kansas City-based Ripple Glass where it is processed and sold to Owens-Corning and is used to make "pink panther" fiberglass construction insulation. Some glass is also recycled into new bottle beverage containers.