Springfield's Mental Health

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Suicide in Springfield

The rate of suicide in Springfield is higher than that of the region, state, and country, according to latest data from the Ozarks Health Commission. Members of our community, who you may know personally, struggle daily, hourly, and by the minute to continue living. 

Suicide is a major health concern in our community. Every 5.5 days, someone in Springfield dies of suicide. It is the 7th leading cause of death in Springfield, killing more people than diabetes, kidney disease, and chronic liver disease in 2019. 

Depression in Springfield

The 2022 Ozarks Health Commission shows that the Springfield Community is leading in depression prevalence when compared to the region, state, and country. 

Now more than ever, people need assistance with their mental health.

Suicide Mortality Rate

Graphic comparing the suicide mortality rate between the Springfield Community to other regions

Depression Prevalence

Graphic comparing depression prevalence between the Springfield Community to other regions

The data above is taken from the 2022 Ozarks Health Commission report. The Ozarks Health Commission is a collaborative effort spanning three states - Missouri, Oklahoma and Kansas - 30 counties and three hospital systems. For more information about the OHC report, please visit http://ozarkshealthcommission.org/