Physical Agility Video & Preparation

The position of Firefighter is an extremely physically demanding position that require all around good physical conditioning. Newly hired Firefighters will be required to successfully pass the Physical Ability Test during the Fire Academy to maintain employment as a Firefighter. 

Did you know

Firefighters have the highest short-surge physiologic demands of any occupation. They routinely have to perform strenuous job tasks, including, but not limited to the following:

  • Carrying gear up stairs
  • Advancing charged hoses
  • Using pike poles and axes to break through doors, walls, and ceilings
  • Raising ladders
  • Rescuing victims
  • Hoisting equipment

Sources: Sothmann, M.S., Saupe, K., Jasenof, D., and Blaney, J. (1992). Heart rate response of firefighters to actual emergencies. Journal of Occupational Medicine. 34(8): 797-800.)

Firefighter Physical Agility Test Demonstration Video

This video demonstrates potential components of the Springfield Fire Department’s Physical Agility Test. The City of Springfield reserves the right to change components as needed to best reflect the physical demands and skills required of Firefighters. The exercises demonstrated in the video may differ from those used during the Physical Agility Test, but all components will be job related. The test may take place outside, even in inclement weather, or indoors.