Pea Ridge Creek Sanitary Sewer Improvements

Two upcoming sanitary sewer capacity projects are planned along the Pea Ridge Creek in north Springfield. Both projects are aimed at reducing the number of sanitary sewer overflows in the area by Doling_PeaRidge8x11 Opens in new windowincreasing the size and capacity of underground sewer pipes. The projects will also provide capacity for any future growth and development in the area.

Springfield Environmental Services uses a variety of rehabilitation and maintenance methods to help repair and extend the life of Springfield’s sanitary sewer system. However, repeated cases of sanitary sewer overflows in the Pea Ridge Creek area indicate capacity issues that warrant construction to improve service and protect public health in the area.

The City is under an amended consent judgement with the Missouri Department of Natural Resources to eliminate sanitary sewer overflows. The City’s Overflow Control Plan was revised in early 2021 to establish a supplementary plan and timeline for investment in improving Springfield’s aging sanitary sewer system.   

Sanitary sewer improvements around Pea Ridge Creek are anticipated for construction beginning in fall of 2022. The combined cost of the projects is estimated at $5.2 million and will be funded using sanitary sewer reserve funds as outlined in the Supplemental Overflow Control Plan approved by City Council in April, 2021.