Southwest Wastewater Treatment Plant Long-Range Plan

The City of Springfield is developing the Southwest Wastewater Treatment Plant (SWTP) Long Range Plan to identify short- and long-term improvements to serve wastewater needs, meet water quality regulations, and address future capacity needs. The study will address financial and regulatory implications of maintaining the current treatment configuration and will evaluate alternatives that ensure support for this growing region of Southwest Missouri.  

This planning process will provide a comprehensive understanding of the current facility and its operations. Population growth, development patterns, and facility aging are all impacting system performance. This plan will help the utility identify and prepare for future needs before they arise. The plan will include a framework for making decisions about capital improvements and prioritize future projects and needed resources. When it is time to make improvements, the plan will plan provide maps, descriptions, cost estimates, and technical data to help optimize the design and construction process.

Long-Range Plan Purpose & Need

The SWTP was originally built in 1955, with major upgrades and/or expansions occurring in 1963, 1969, 1974, 1976, 1990, 2001, and 2016. The facility and much of its equipment is nearing the end of its useful life. The James River Lift Station, a vital wastewater component that transports nearly one-third of the City’s wastewater to the treatment plant, was originally built in the 1980’s. For 40 years, it enabled economic growth by expanding the City’s service area. Now operating beyond its capacity, it needs millions of dollars in investment. 

State and federal regulations related to discharged water quality continue to place greater demands on wastewater treatment processes. The City is also preparing for future regulations regarding nutrient removal and emerging contaminants. 

This plan will build on the Integrated Plan  and Overflow Control Plan work that has been ongoing since 2013. Additionally, the plan will be informed by Forward SGF, the City’s 2040 Comprehensive Plan and the Destination 2045 Ozarks Transportation Plan. Similar planning efforts are also taking place at Springfield’s Northwest Treatment Plant. Explore Springfield’s wastewater treatment and sewer infrastructure by selecting "sewer layers" on this interactive map. 


No rate or tax increase will be needed to complete the long range plan. Infrastructure improvements recommended within the plan will consider costs, sources of funding and any impact to rates. A financial strategy outline will be included in the plan. The cost to complete the plan will come from the City of Springfield’s Clean Water Fund. These funds were considered in rate projections and are part of the City’s financial commitment to the Overflow Control Plan.  

SWTP Long-Range Plan Process Timeline

SWTP Master Plan Timeline

Long-Range Plan Activities

The study kicked off in Spring 2022 with a facility assessment and needs identification phase, which included an evaluation of future needs and regulatory compliance. The study then transitioned to alternatives identification, development, and refinement phase. This phase also includes economic analysis, and stakeholder outreach.

Stay Informed & Involved

All information on the plan can be found on this webpage. This information will be updated periodically throughout the planning process. You may also submit questions and comments to the project team by contacting Allen Busick, PE at [email protected] or 417-864-2853. Media interested in the planning process may contact Kristen Milam, [email protected] or 573-819-3713. 

Prior to constructing any improvements, we want to hear your thoughts. We’ll use your input, along with technical data and regulatory requirements, to make improvements that benefit Springfield and our region for generations.