Adopt-A-Stream Logo Refreshed

Make a difference. Clean a stream. It’s so easy, anyone can adopt! 
Individuals, families, businesses and community groups can adopt a pre-selected portion of a major stream or small creek in need of periodic cleanup. The City provides tools and resources needed for you to organize your stream cleanup. 

Adopt-A-Streams ready for you today!

Available for Adoption

All sections are currently adopted, but there are always areas in need of cleanups! 

Please contact Spencer Morrissey (417) 864-1169 for more information. 

What is Adopt-A-Stream?

A positive impact.

Adopt-A-Stream is a program that connects citizens directly to area streams. Adopters remove trash, enjoy the stream environment and celebrate the improvements in water quality, parks and trails over time. As our community becomes an even better water steward, we’ll see improvements in the health of our streams and the beauty of our surroundings.

The program is an opportunity for citizens to become involved with the City’s efforts to keep our streams free from trash while connecting with others. The City of Springfield recognizes that waterways are the most common places for garbage to end up when not disposed of properly. The City needs your help to maintain the beauty and cleanliness of our waterways.

Download the Adopt-a-Stream brochure. (PDF)

Getting Started

In just a few simple steps.

Follow these four steps to be on your way to adopting a stream and making a difference.

  1. Inquire about available streams. Please inquire about available stream sections by emailing [email protected]. We do our best to keep the available sections listed on this page up to date.
  2. Create a team of one or more committed individuals. There is no limit to members. 
    Don’t forget to pick a team name to be posted on your Adopt-A-Stream sign.
  3. Select one or more captains from your group.
    This person will be the primary point of contact for your adoption and responsible for reporting cleanups. 
  4. Complete adoption. After your initial inquiry on available streams, program staff will provide you with an application form to complete.

Adopt-A-Stream Sign

Help us and we’ll help you. The City is committed to providing safe and clean spaces for our community and, as a result, we will provide the following to help with your volunteer efforts:

  • Pointers on how to conduct a safe and successful stream cleanup. 
  • Supplies, including trash bags and grabbers. 
  • Removal and disposal of all trash.
  • Adoption recognition sign.
  • Recognition here, on the City Adopt-A-Stream webpage.

Organizing a cleanup

You can do it today!

As easy as it is to get started, it’s nearly as simple to schedule your first stream cleanup.

  1. Choose a date and time. It’s entirely up to you.However, don’t conduct a cleanup immediately after a storm when water levels are high.
  2. Pick up supplies. Trash bags and grabbers need to be picked up during work hours at our office in the Environmental Resource Center at 290 E. Central. When determining how many bags are needed, we recommend 2-3 per person as a good starting number.
  3. Coordinate a check-in with the team and sign waivers. Let your team of volunteers know where to meet on the day of the cleanup. Everyone participating is required to sign our provided waiver form. It is best if collected at the start of the event, so don’t forget to bring pens!
  4. Encourage safe cleanup practices. Remember, safety first. Remind your team to wear protective shoes and gloves, avoid picking up sharp objects, watch for poison ivy, and avoid steep slopes. Volunteers should be encouraged to bring sunscreen and drinking water to prevent dehydration. Be sure to have a first-aid kit on-hand and transportation readily available.
  5. Count collected trash bags and place in a visible location for pickup. Don’t forget to count the bags collected, noting larger items, to be reported in your completed cleanup email. All collected trash should be placed in a visible area near a curbside and within easy access for our staff to remove. Don’t place trash piles where they obstruct trails, sidewalks, or streets. If potentially hazardous items are found, please call the Citizen’s Resource Center at (417) 864-1010.
  6. Too big for a bag? No problem. It happens. Some things won’t fit into the provided trash bags. Just pile those items next to a pile of collected trash bags. If something is too large to be moved, include that information and its location in the reporting email and we will facilitate its removal.
  7. Wash your hands after cleanup. You know why.
  8. Send your completed cleanup email. Upon completion, submit signed waivers and email cleanup details, including the number of bags collected, locations of piles, scans of signed waivers, and any other relevant details from the cleanup to You may also provide all details and signed waivers in person at our office in the Environmental Resource Center.
  9. Trash piles removed! 
    City staff will coordinate the final removal of collected trash per your details.

Individuals or groups wanting to schedule a one-time stream or drainage area cleanup event without committing long term may email [email protected] or call (417) 864-1169. The City supports any effort to help keep our streams clean and will provide supplies and removal of all trash collected during the cleanup.

Independent Cleanups



You, yes, you! If you have volunteered or are considering volunteering, we want to tip our caps. It’s through your efforts that our streams and communities stay clean. With your help, we can protect water quality and encourage positive community connections. Thank you for your commitment to improving the quality of life in Springfield!

Dickerson Branch – Livingston to I44

Stewart Edwards

Doling Branch – Doling Park

Fairfield by Marriott Springfield North

Fassnight Creek – Bennett to Kings

James River Basin Partnership

Fassnight Creek – Jefferson to Main

Green Student Alliance

Fassnight Creek – Main to Skate Park

Parkview High School Green Team

Galloway Creek – James River Freeway to Lake Springfield

37 North Expeditions

Galloway Creek – Lone Pine to South Battlefield

Miller Engineering, P.C.

Galloway Creek – North of Lacuna to Barton

Galloway Village Neighborhood Association

Galloway Creek – Southern Hills Blvd to Covington Street

Babost! Clean-Up Crew

Inman Creek – Erie to Ferguson

Wagner & Associates, LLC, Engineering

Jordan Creek – Fairbanks Branch, Broadway to Franklin

Drew Lewis Foundation

Jordan Creek – Grand to Bennett


Jordan Creek – Main to Fort Street

MSU Engineering Program   

Jordan Creek – Main to Walnut

West Central Neighborhood Association 

Jordan Creek – Mt. Vernon to Grand

The Kraft Heinz Company

Jordan Creek – N Fremont to E Trafficway

Total Home Services, LLC

Jordan Creek – North Branch, Division to National

US Coast Guard AUX Flotilla 52

Jordan Creek – North Branch, Hampton to Bob Barker

OTC Stream Team

Jordan Creek – North Branch, National to Hampton

Central High School Project Green Schools

Jordan Creek – South Branch

MoState Wildlife Society

Tributary of Jordan Creek – South Branch

Green Queen City

South Creek – Campbell to Fort

CoxHealth StreamKeepers

South Creek – Close Memorial Park

Charlie Spurlock & Family

South Creek – Golden to Carver Middle School

Terracon Consultants

South Creek – Grant to Kansas Expy

GeoEngineers, Inc.

South Creek – Jefferson to Grant

Sierra Club

South Creek – National to Campbell

Greater Ozarks Audubon Society

South Dry Sac – FR 171 (west through Parks property)

Watershed Committee of the Ozarks

Thompson Branch – YMCA Basin

Ozark Regional YMCA

Wilson’s Creek – FR 146 to FR 150 

William Schwartz-Doyle

Wilson’s Creek – North Branch, Division to RR

Green Queen City

Wilson’s Creek – Rutledge Wilson Farm Park

Forever Wild

Wilson’s Creek – Scenic to Hillcrest 

Blouin Family

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