Rules of Procedure

The following rules of procedure are adopted by the Administrative Review Committee (ARC) to facilitate the performance of its duties and the exercise of its powers. 

Section 1.0 Committee Composition and Officers 

1.1 Membership. The composition of the ARC is set forth in Section 36-352. 1.2 Chair and Vice-Chair. At the ARC’s first meeting in January of each year, the ARC shall elect a Chair and a Vice-Chair sequentially. Any member may nominate another member as Chair by motion, and any member other than the nominee may second the motion. When all nominations for Chair have been made and seconded, the Commission shall vote. The first nominee to receive two votes shall be elected Chair. Nomination and election of the Vice Chair shall follow this same procedure. 

Section 2.0 Authority 

2.1 Authority. The ARC has limited authority under the Zoning Ordinance. The ARC may exercise its authority only as specified in section 36-352, including through the express grant of such authority to the ARC by ordinance. Exhibit A, which is attached to these Rules and incorporated by reference, lists ordinances and code sections that have granted certain authority to the ARC. 

Section 3.0 Applications and Meetings 

3.1 Applications. Complete applications received after 5:00 PM on Monday will be scheduled for the following week or within 8 business days. ARC applications are online or through eCity. 

3.2 Quorum. Three members shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business. 

3.3 Meetings. Meetings of the ARC shall be held at 3:30 P.M. in the Busch Building, first floor Conference Room 199, on Thursdays in person or via zoom. The ARC shall determine the meeting dates for the following calendar year at a meeting in December. All meetings shall be open to the public. 

3.4 Special or Rescheduled Meetings. Special meetings shall be called at the request of the Chair. Notice of special meetings shall be given by the Chair to the members at least forty-eight (48) hours prior to such meeting and shall state the purpose and the time of the meeting. 

3.5 Manner of Appearance. ARC members and applicants shall appear in person at meetings or via zoom. 

3.6 Action by the Board. Three votes shall be required to approve any action over which the ARC has final authority. In the event the three votes cannot be obtained, the item shall be deemed denied. Advisory recommendations do not require unanimous consent, but all dissenting opinions shall be documented. 

3.7 Procedures. At the Chair’s call of each agenda item, the applicant shall have five (5) minutes to present evidence and testimony supporting the application. ARC members may then ask any questions of the applicant. After all questions from ARC members are complete, the Chair shall call for any public comment on the application. After the public comment period, the Chair shall call for a motion and a vote on the agenda item. 

3.8 Order of Business, Agenda. The Department of Planning and Development shall prepare an agenda for each meeting and the order of business therein shall be as follows: 

(1) Roll Call 

(2) Approval of Minutes 

(3) Unfinished Business 

(4) New Business 

(5) Any other matters that fall under the jurisdiction of the ARC 

(6) Adjournment 

3.9 Minutes. The Planning and Development office shall keep the minutes of each meeting of the ARC, and such minutes shall be reviewed and approved at the next ARC meeting after the minutes are prepared. 

3.10 Parliamentary Procedure. Parliamentary procedure in ARC meetings shall be governed by the latest published edition of "Roberts Rules of Order, Newly Revised" except as specifically modified herein. 

Section 4.0 Behavior, Ethics

4.1 Personal Interest. A member of the ARC who has some personal or financial interest in any case presented to the ARC, as defined in the City Code of Ethics, shall disqualify himself from such case, shall not sit as a member of the board during the hearing of such case, and shall not participate in the Board's hearing and decision in such case. A disqualified ARC member shall assign an authorized representative from the ARC member’s department as an alternate to participate in the hearing of such case. 

Section 5.0 Miscellaneous

5.1 Amendments to Rules. These rules may be amended, rescinded, supplemented, or repealed at any time by a concurring vote of three (3) members of the ARC. 

Exhibit A 

1. Rountree Urban Conservation District. (cite ordinances pertaining to UCD). 

2. Walnut Street Urban Conservation District Number 1 West. (cite ordinances pertaining to UCD). 

3. Midtown Urban Conservation District Section 3 District Regulations. (cite ordinances pertaining to UCD). 

4. Section 26-1. Permits for Development within a Mapped Street Corridor. 

5. Section 36-243. Streets. 

6. Section 36-310. Establishment of use groups. 

7. Section 36-336. Reasonable accommodation policy and procedure. 

8. Section 36-404. L - Landmarks. 

9. Section 36-405. PD - Planned development district. 

10. Section 36-409 WC - West College Street district. 

11. Section 36-425. Commercial Street District. 

12. Section 36-453. Supplemental open space and yard regulations. 

13. Section 36-454 Signs. 

14. Section 36-455. Off-street parking requirements. 

15. Section 36-464. Accessory apartments. 

16. Section 36-466. Telecommunication towers. 

17. Section 36-467. Non-commercial, not-for-profit neighborhood facilities. 

18. Section 36-471. Sidewalk/pedestrian walkways. 

19. Section 36-472. Stream buffers and water quality. 

20. Section 36-482. Landscaping and bufferyards. 

21. Section 36-488. Permitted and conditional uses. 

22. Section 36-490. Building orientation, siting, and design. 

23. Section 36-491. Off-street parking. 

24. Section 36-492. Landscape. 

25. Section 36-494. Signs. 

26. Section 36-1125. Outdoor play yards. 

27. Sec. 36-1141. Interpretation of provisions. 

Last Revised February 9, 2023