Macy "Max" Allison, 911 Telecommunicator

Max Allison has worked for the City since 2017.

What have you learned since working at the City?

I've learned so many things since I started working here. The list would be too long! However, one of the most interesting things is how communicable and intricate the relationships between all the City's departments really are.

How does your position impact the community? 

Being a 911 emergency telecommunicator and handling calls from citizens, regardless if it's something as simple as someone finding a lost dog or as severe as someone who's been seriously injured. We really are the hub for our citizens to reach out for assistance, and they look to us to help in keeping the city a safer place.

What advice do you have for someone thinking about coming to work for the City? 

The best advice I would have would be: be open to diversity and have a strong ability to work with others. Most importantly, don't forget that a bit of kindness goes a long way.