Recreational marijuana is now legal in the state of Missouri. Please be aware of the rules for consumption in the City of Springfield. 

Am I allowed to consume marijuana in public?

Springfield City Code Section 78-262 prohibits the consumption of marijuana in any public place.

What is considered a “public place” for purposes of the City Ordinance?

Springfield City Code Section 78-262 defines public place as “any place to which the public or a substantial number of the public has access.” This includes, but is not limited to, streets and highways, sidewalks, transportation facilities, places of amusement, parks, park properties, playgrounds, parking lots, and the common areas of public and private buildings and facilities. 

What if I am a medical marijuana patient?

While medical patients may have additional rights beyond those of recreational users of marijuana, the Missouri Constitution, Article XIV, Section 1 specifically states that it does not allow for the public use of marijuana by medical patients. Therefore, any restrictions on public consumption apply equally to medical patients and recreational users. 

Can I consume marijuana in a car if I am not the driver?

Springfield City Code Section 78-262 prohibits the consumption of marijuana in any car while it is parked in a public place. Additionally, Springfield City Code Section 78-263 prohibits consumption of marijuana in any form by the operator of a motor vehicle and prohibits the smoking of marijuana by passengers in a motor vehicle while it is being operated.

Does the City’s Smokefree Air Act apply to marijuana smoke, or only tobacco?

The Springfield Smokefree Air Act of 2011 defines smoking to include tobacco or any other plant product. Anywhere that smoking cigarettes is prohibited, smoking marijuana is equally prohibited.