Asphalt Overlays


Quick Facts:

22 total lane miles planned for asphalt overlay in 2023.

2023 Asphalt Contractor: 



1/4-cent Capital Improvement Sales Tax
Major Street Resurfacing and Rehabilitation Program

The Street Operations division utilizes multiple pavement management methods to repair, maintain and extend the life of City streets. Every few years, the City conducts a pavement condition assessment of Springfield's roadway network. Information from this assessment helps identify immediate maintenance needs, monitor pavement condition over time, develop preventive maintenance strategies and assist with budgeting available funds. 

Asphalt Overlays are a pavement maintenance and rehabilitation method that involves first milling the street to remove old pavement. A layer of new asphalt is then laid generally within a few days to provide a smooth driving surface. 

What to expect:Asphalt Milling

The public can expect single-lane closures along each segment planned for overlay work. A flagger may be posted to maintain 2-way traffic around the work site. Periodic full lane closures may be necessary depending on the volume and characteristics of the roadway. 

Between milling and overlay steps, the roadway surface is rough, but driveable. Motorists are advised to use caution when traveling through these work zones. 

The City will make an effort to communicate about upcoming overlay segments 2-3 weeks ahead of scheduled work. The City's contractor is also required to provide notice to area businesses and residences 48 hours in advance of work. The work schedule is very weather dependent and often subject to change based on the contractor's schedule. 

2023 Planned Asphalt Overlay Segments

The City of Springfield will conduct street resurfacing of the following roadway segments through Sept. 30 (weather dependent):  

Scheduled July 10-18:

  • Cherry Street between Weller Avenue and Barnes Avenue (Rountree Neighborhood)
  • Elm Street between the railroad and Barnes Avenue
  • Park Avenue between Atlantic Street and Kearney Street (Tom Watkins Neighborhood)
  • Florence Avenue between Saint Louis Street and Cherry Street
  • Cox Avenue between Battlefield Road and Butterfield Street
  • Grandview Road between Barnes Avenue and Neergard Avenue
  • Grant Avenue between Jean Street and Norton Road (Doling Neighborhood)

Scheduled July 19-26:

  • Maplewood Street between Parkcrest Avenue and Kansas Avenue (Greater Parkcrest Neighborhood)
  • Kingsley Street between Parkcrest Avenue and Franklin Avenue (Greater Parkcrest Neighborhood)
  • Silverleaf Street between Franklin Avenue and Ferguson Avenue (Greater Parkcrest Neighborhood)
  • Ferguson Avenue between Silverleaf Street and Franklin Avenue (Greater Parkcrest)
  • Franklin Avenue between Maplewood Street and Ferguson Avenue (Greater Parkcrest)
  • Parkhill Court between end of street through Kingsley Street and end of street (Greater Parkcrest)
  • Miranda Court end of street through Kingsley Street and end of street (Greater Parkcrest)

Scheduled July 31 - Aug. 18

  • Jefferson Avenue Streetscape area (St. Louis to Walnut streets)
  • Portland Street between Campbell and Fort avenues
  • Catalpa Street between Grant and New avenues 

Schedule to be determined - work expected by end of September:

  • Nichols Street between Kansas Expwy and West Avenue (Heart of the Westside)
  • Scott Street between Campbell Avenue and Broadway Avenue (Grant Beach Neighborhood)
  • Parkcrest Avenue between Maplewood Street and Republic Street (Greater Parkcrest)
  • Eureka Terrace between Eastmoor Drive and end of street
  • Loren Street between Carriage Avenue and Grant Avenue
  • Atlantic street between Marlan Ave and Old Orchard Avenue
  • Summit Avenue between Central Street and Calhoun Avenue (Midtown Neighborhood)
  • Blaine Street between Oak Grove Avenue and Old Orchard Avenue
  • Burton Avenue between Commercial Street and Atlantic Street
  • Commercial Street between Patterson Avenue and Burton Avenue 
  • Engel Avenue between Division Street and Blaine Street
  • Locust Street between Yates Avenue and Old Orchard Drive
  • Lone Pine Avenue between Commercial Street and Atlantic Street
  • Oak Grove Avenue between Atlantic Street and Locust Street
  • Old Orchard Avenue between Pacific Street and Commercial Street
  • Pacific Street between Burton Avenue and Yates Avenue 
  • Patterson Avenue between Commercial Street and Atlantic Street
  • Yates Avenue from Blaine Street and Atlantic Street