Development Project Facilitator

Samantha Payne serves as the City’s Development Project Facilitator, representing the City Manager’s Office. Samantha is a neutral, independent, resource to citizens, staff and customers of the City regarding development matters to resolve questions, complaints and concerns. Proactively works to assist development customers by identifying and resolving challenges related to development services provided by the City. 

Essential functions

  • Serves as a mediator between citizens, builders, contractors, developers, and the City.
  • Acts as a neutral resource to aid customers in resolving conflicts and seeking solutions to issues by fact-finding, investigation and problem solving.
  • Tracks development processes, foreseeing potential concerns and taking action accordingly, with the goal of streamlining and expediting best outcomes.
  • Creates and ensures a neutral, open environment in which employees, citizens, builders, contractors and developers can communicate freely regarding concerns, questions or complaints.
  • Participates, in correlation with the City Manager’s Office, in one-on-one and group dialogues with staff to address concerns, questions and complaints.
  • Improves the exchange of information and coordination between staff and interested parties and resolve outstanding issues.
  • Acts in the City’s best interest on behalf of citizens and customers.
  • Provides additional support and education to citizens with unresolved concerns or questions.
  • Documents contacts to identify areas for process improvement and makes recommendations to the City Manager’s Office for review.
  • Receives complaints or concerns from individuals or groups by phone, email or in person and investigates the details of the complaint.
  • Collects and analyzes aggregate, anonymous data regarding the variety issues and concerns to identify patterns, improvements and areas of concern.
  • Advises the City Manager’s Office on issues affecting the department, citizens and building community and recommends strategies to prevent future problems.
  • Utilizes a wide variety of computer programs and office equipment.
  • Facilitates meetings with the public and City staff around difficult and controversial topics and issues.
  • Prepares a variety of memos, letters and reports providing information, data and recommendations for revisions, solutions and improvements as needed.