Westport Branch Green Infrastructure Project

The Westport Branch Green Infrastructure project includes two main areas along Chestnut Expressway roughly between Brown Avenue and College Street that will be modified with the goal of improving water quality in the Wilson’s Creek watershed. The City owns the stormwater detention basin located at 2617 W Phelps Street and recently acquired the property at 601 N Brown Avenue for this project. 

The project was named for its location within the watershed along the Westport Branch tributary north of Wilsons Creek Watershed. 

Springfield Environmental Services will work with the Department of Public Works to manage this project and solicit feedback from the public and other stakeholders. 

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Project Development:

The design team is currently considering the following features for this first project area:

  • Expand footprint of existing city-owned stormwater detention basin onto 601 N Brown.
  • Design basin to drain at a slower rate than it currently does to provide stormwater treatment through natural processes.
  • Add multiple bioretention, rain garden, or wetland pockets with native plants and trees.
  • Install a device to capture trash from stormwater runoff.
  • Add a forebay structure in the main existing stormwater channel to capture larger debris and sediment.
  • Preserve existing trees where feasible.
  • Potentially reroute existing stormwater channel from the northwest into detention basin.

The design team is currently considering the following features for the second project area:

  • Rain gardens with native plantings visible from Chestnut Expressway.
  • A monument or marker to commemorate Route 66.

Public Outreach and Education:

The City will educate about Green Infrastructure and solicit feedback from the public and other stakeholders to design this project and work with engineering design firm Burns and McDonnell to create project plans. The project will be funded by the Clean Water Enterprise Funds, ¼-Cent Capital Improvement Sales Tax, and potential grant funding. 

The City has a dedicated maintenance crew with expertise in native vegetation management that will monitor, clean up and maintain the project after completion to ensure success.

Anticipated Project Timeline:

Outreach and design will start at the beginning of 2024.  Construction is expected to begin in summer of 2025.

Project Goals:

The goal of this project is to improve stormwater quality in the Wilsons Creek Watershed. Industrial and commercial land uses and roads upstream of this area are potential sources of common stormwater pollutants including heavy metals such as zinc, sediment, nutrients and trash. The North Branch of Wilsons Creek is considered impaired due to levels of zinc found in the stream bottom sediment that can be harmful to aquatic life such as crayfish and other small organisms that are the base of the food chain.  The project will help improve water quality in Wilsons Creek and the James River. 

Project Facts:

Outreach and Design: 
Early 2024

Construction Begin: 
Estimated Summer 2025

Design Consultant: 
Burns and McDonnell

Estimated Cost: 

Approximately $1 million to $2 million

Funding Source: 
Clean Water Enterprise Funds, 1/4-cent Capital Improvement Sales Tax, potential grant funding. 

Westport Branch Project Map

Outreach Map