Cadet Program

Where Leadership is Developed

The Cadet Unit is a volunteer operational unit designed to prepare the cadets for a career in law enforcement while supplementing the resources of the department. A cadet is required to fulfill at least four hours of service to the department each month. Some duties include providing assistance with the Ozark Empire Fair, dignitary visits, tours, parades and other events.

After graduation from the academy, cadets are able to utilize hands-on training. Cadets will have the opportunity to work with the different units within the department which include, but are not limited to, Uniform Operations, MSU Substation, Calaboose, Criminal Investigations, Leaving the Scene of a Crash (LSOC) Unit, and the Training Section. One of the benefits of staying current as a cadet is being able to ride along with an officer during his/her work shift.

Minimum Qualifications

  • Be at least 16 years of age upon completion of the Cadet Academy, but have not reached your 20th birthday at the time of application
  • Be attending high school and maintaining a 2.5 grade point average, or have a high school diploma or the equivalent, or have a G.E.D.
  • Possess a valid Missouri Driver's License or obtain one by the time of appointment
  • Be able to pass a background investigation
  • Possess no felony or serious misdemeanor convictions
  • Have a desire for a career in law enforcement or a public safety occupation


Cadets will be required to purchase a uniform and name tag, which will be worn only when working at an authorized event. Cadets will be issued badges. Organizational equipment will be issued as needed.


The department provides all newly appointed cadet recruits with comprehensive, up-to-date training through the Springfield Police Cadet Academy. All cadet recruits must satisfactorily complete the Academy and attend a minimum of 85% of the academy training which lasts 3 months.

Some areas of training include:
  • Agency standards and procedures
  • Department organization
  • Report writing and forms
  • CPR / first aid
  • Physical fitness / nutrition
  • Defensive tactics
  • Firearms safety
  • DWI detection
  • Local geography
  • Arrest procedures
  • Traffic and municipal ordinances
  • Courtroom organization and procedures
  • Central records
  • Other miscellaneous topics


The next Springfield Police Cadet Academy is planned for fall 2021. An exact date is pending. However, we still encourage you to submit an application

Anyone interested in becoming a cadet must complete an official application form and successfully pass a thorough background investigation and an oral interview. You will not be denied acceptance due to gender, color, race, religion, creed or national origin.

If you want to be a Springfield police officer

If you are a cadet in good standing for 3 years, you will only need 30 accredited college hours instead of 60 when applying for a position as a Springfield police officer.


If you have questions concerning this program, please call Officer Greg Young
at 417-864-1351.