Fatal Fires in Springfield 2003-2012


Sadly, Springfield has a high rate of fire fatalities. At 3.2 fire deaths per year, it is our goal to reduce these numbers by first determining contributing factors, then developing programs to education residents about how to prevent and properly respond to fires.

In 2013, we completed an analysis of fire fatalities over a 10 year period.  The information was not surprising.  Nearly every fatal fire was caused by human factors and they all could have been prevented.  View a summary of our report below or view our entire report.


hotspots Springfield By the Numbers:

The Fire Problem
Residential Fires Per Year: 500
Average Fire Fatalities Per Year: 3.25
Total Fires Occurring in Homes: 78%
Homes with No Working Smoke Alarm: 52%
Fatality Fires Caused by Human Factors: 96%
Fatality Fires Caused by Careless Smoking: 46%

Fire Death Rates (per million people):
National:  11.1
Missouri: 18.2
Springfield: 20.3
Summary of Fatal Fires in Springfield
  • Total number of fire fatalities: 35
  • Total number of fires resulting in at least one fatality: 30
  • Months during which most fatal fires occurred: February and June
  • Time of day when most fatal fires occurred: 11 p.m. - 7 a.m.
  • Hour of day when most fatal fires occurred: 4-5 a.m.
  • Average response time to fatal fire: 4 minutes, 17 seconds
  • Fatal fires in which a smoke alarm failed to alert residents: 63%
  • Fatal fires in which a smoke alarm is known to have been present and working: 16%
  • Most common property use type: 1 or 2 family dwelling (69%)
  • Average age of victim: 43
  • Most common area of origin: Living room (40%)
  • Most common cause of death: Smoke inhalation / asphyxia (68%)
  • Most common heat source: Smoking-related (46%)
  • Fatal fires in which human factors contributed: 96%
  • Most common cause of ignition: Accidental (83%)
  • Fatal fires that were preventable: 100%