Herbert Blakey

Case Number 02-14564

1102 E. Atlantic

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On 3/30/2002 at 2:13 a.m., officers with the Springfield Police Department were dispatched to 1102 E. Atlantic, Springfield, MO, regarding a life-threatening assault in progress.  Upon arrival, officers located Herbert Blakey lying on the front porch and bleeding.  Officers administered CPR until EMS transported Blakey to a local hospital where he was pronounced dead. 

Blakey was seen on 3/29/2002 coming and going from 1102 E. Atlantic during the evening hours and into the early morning hours of 3/30/2002.  Blakey was in the company of several individuals at the residence.  Blakey was provided transportation to different locations to buy items and meet with people.  Blakey returned to 1102 E. Atlantic and stayed until the early morning hours.  Upon exiting the residence, Blakey was assaulted by an unknown person.