An artist's rendering of an intersection of the completed project.
This district is intended to be a mixed-use district that accommodates a variety of residential and commercial uses. The 3 subareas established by this section are intended to encourage an eclectic mix of businesses, artist studios, architecture and residents consistent with the adopted College Street Corridor Plan.
  • WC-1, the Mixed-Use sub-area, is designed to accommodate a mix of commercial and residential uses.
  • WC-2, the Live/Work sub-area, is designed to provide for a transition between the higher intensity mixed-use area on the north side of the street and residential uses on Walnut Street. This sub-area will provide for employment opportunities in conjunction with a dwelling.
  • WC-3, the Residential sub-area, is designed to provide for a variety of residential uses including single-family, and townhouses. This sub-area permits multi-family developments and non-residential uses on the first floor frontage along College Street with the approval of a conditional use permit.

Zoning District Definitions