Great Neighborhoods Program

Great Neighborhoods is the City of Springfield’s initiative to working with neighborhood residents and businesses to create and maintain great neighborhoods. The benefits of growing strong relationships in small urban areas is endless and it stands to reason during difficult times, that these neighborhoods will be more resilient and will be able to withstand turbulence, no matter how severe, by coming together. 

The city recognizes that great neighborhoods only occur where there is a collaborative process between neighborhood residents and businesses, the city, and the rest of the community.
We build our neighborhoods, and our neighborhoods build us. Our neighborhoods can have a significant impact on our lives. Great neighborhoods that contribute to our well-being can only be achieved when neighborhood residents and businesses take the lead with the assistance of the city and the rest of the community.
Qualities of Great Neighborhoods

The three qualities of Great Neighborhoods are Clean, Safe, and Friendly. They are not specific qualities because it is the role of neighborhood residents to define what is appropriate for their neighborhood. It's our belief that most of the issues that challenge residents and compromise the quality of life are common in any given neighborhood. We also believe that by coming together, neighbors can work proactively to resolve issues that will improve the quality of life.

The intent of this philosophy is to broadly describe clean, safe and friendly so we can begin to achieve them through the collaboration of neighborhood residents and businesses, the city, and the rest of the community.

Click on the icons below to learn more about how each quality plays a role in our neighborhoods and what you can do to promote these qualities in your neighborhood.
    Blue house with the word safe written on it.                                  Fuschia house with the word clean and a broom and waste can.                             Yellow house with the word friendly written on it and a human figure reaching a hand out to another.