Recognition Program

The Great Neighborhoods Recognition Program was created to encourage clean, safe, and friendly neighborhoods through activities and programs that develop relationships between neighbors and with their neighborhood association.

This is a voluntary program where Registered Neighborhoods can participate and earn points towards being designated a “City of Springfield Great Neighborhood".

Earning Points

Points can be earned in the three categories that promote the quality of a Great Neighborhood: clean, safe, and friendly. Neighborhoods will be scored and ranked based on the information in this application as well as their effort to follow the four principles of the Great Neighborhoods overview:

  • Residents must lead the process.
  • A long term commitment is expected.
  • All neighbors interested in participating must be included.
  • Continual activities that engage everyone in the neighborhood are required.


The Great Neighborhoods recognition program is only open to Registered Neighborhood Associations in the City of Springfield. This application must be thoroughly completed and signed by the association president and another representative in order to be considered.

The application is intended to be a “working” document, which can be updated at any point, as new events are planned and organized. Neighborhoods will receive a preliminary approval on activity items but supporting information, such as flyers, sign-in sheets, reports, pictures, newspaper or newsletter articles are required to officially qualify the event and add the point(s) to their final score. City and Community Partnership of the Ozarks (CPO) Neighborhood’s staff will review events and activities for Great Neighborhoods Recognition based on the following criteria:

  • Does the event or activity seek to increase or promote safe, clean and friendly neighborhoods?
  • Does the event or activity promote interaction between neighborhood residents?
  • Is the event or activity organized and facilitated primarily by neighborhood residents?
  • Is the event a one-time event or is it part of a larger effort aimed at making the neighborhood clean, safe and friendly?
  • Is the event open to all neighborhood residents, openly promoted and generally attended by neighborhood residents?
  • Is the event or activity unique, new and not part of an otherwise regular board or membership meeting?

Neighborhood Associations are encouraged to participate in as many events or activities as possible to earn extra points in each category. In addition to the attached list of suggested events and activities, “Wild Card” entries can be submitted for unique event(s) that encourage clean, safe, and friendly neighborhoods and encourage resident interaction.

Application Final Review

Registered neighborhoods seeking a Great Neighborhoods Recognition Grant must submit an application prior to April 1. Neighborhoods are encouraged to work toward logging and completing events, activities, and participating in programs over a 10 month time period.

The Neighborhoods and Planning Office evaluates each neighborhood’s application and list of submitted activities in mid October prior to the annual CPO Neighborhood Organization Volunteer Awards (NOVA) Ceremony each December. In addition to the grant funding, neighborhoods that achieve Great Neighborhoods status receive Great Neighborhoods signage around the perimeter of the neighborhood.

Receiving neighborhood recognition is a two-year designation. Neighborhoods that are designated as a Great Neighborhood need not reapply for two years, but must maintain participation in the programs and continue to organize events and activities to maintain Great Neighborhoods designation.

Recognition Awards, Signs & Grants

Great Neighborhoods Recognition includes:

  • Recognition and promotion as a “City of Springfield - Great Neighborhood” at the annual NOVA awards and other city and CPO promotional venues and Web sites
  • Installation of “City of Springfield - Great Neighborhood” signage
  • Neighborhood Grants (Subject to approval by city council and inclusion in the annual City of Springfield budget):
    • $500 – 9 points (at least 3 points in each category)
    • $750 – 18 points (at least 6 points in each category)
    • $1,000* – 18 points (at least 6 points in each category) * requires a $250 match