Boards & Commissions

  1. Apply to Serve

    Apply online to serve on a board, commission, committee, subcommittee, or task force.

  2. Administrative Boards

    View the Administrative Boards and access the resources that break down what it is they do.

    1. Apply to Serve

      Links to the Boards and Commissions application.

    2. Airport Board

      Find out who is currently serving on the Airport Board.

    3. Art Museum Board

      Find out the purpose of the Art Museum Board.

    4. Board of Public Utilities

      Review the members currently serving on the Board of Public Utilities

    5. Police & Firefighters' Retirement System Board

      Learn more about the role of the Police and Firefighters' Retirement System Board.

    6. Springfield - Greene County Park Board

      Discover the duties and responsibilities of the Springfield - Greene County Park Board.

  3. Advisory Boards

    See what boards and commissions are classified as Advisory Boards.

    1. Apply to Serve

      Links to the application form for boards and commissions.

    2. Administrative Review Committee

      The Administrative Review Committee (ARC) reviews and approves relevant applications and plans as established by the Land Development Code, rules on questions of technical and administrative nature and where the application and operation of the Land Development Code is unclear.

    3. Citizens Advisory Committee for Comm. Development

      Learn more about the role of the Citizens Advisory Committee for Community Development.

    4. Citizens' Sales Tax Oversight Committee

      Gain information on the Citizens' Sales Tax Oversight Committee.

    5. Jordan Valley Advisory Committee

      Learn about the Jordan Valley Advisory Committee, review agendas and minutes from previous and approaching meetings, and find out who's on the committee.

    6. Landmarks Board

      The board considers applications for and approves or disapproves Certificates of Appropriateness for the Walnut Street Historic Districts and Commercial Street Historic District, and carries out any other action or activity necessary or appropriate or which may be specified by Council and Planning and Zoning.

    7. Mayor's Commission for Children

      Learn more about the Mayor's Commission on Children.

    8. Mayor's Comsn. on Human Rights and Comm. Relations

      Learn more about those serving on the Mayor's Commission on Human Rights.

    9. Personnel Board

      Read through a description of the Personnel Board as well as see a list of those serving on it.

    10. Planning & Zoning Commission

      Find out about the Planning and Zoning Commission, and review upcoming agendas and minutes from previous meetings.

    11. Police Civilian Review Board

      Find out what Police Civilian Review Board is responsible for in Springfield.

    12. Springfield-Greene Co Environmental Advisory Board

      See how the board seeks to improve, preserve, and/or protect the natural environment of the community.

    13. Traffic Advisory Board

      Discover how the Traffic Advisory Board sets out to improve traffic conditions and/or the enforcement of traffic regulations.

    14. Tree City USA Citizen Advisory Committee

      See what the committee is doing to ensure Springfield continues to qualify as a Tree City USA Community.

  4. Limited Not-for-Profit Corporations

    Learn about the boards and commissions which run the not for profit corporations.

    1. Apply to Serve

      links to the application form for boards and commissions service

    2. Center City Development Corporation

      A Missouri public benefit nonprofit corporation formed to assist the city by providing for the acquisition, construction, improvement, extension, repair, remodeling, renovation and financing of improvements to the center city.

    3. Industrial Development Authority

      Develops commercial, industrial, agricultural or manufacturing facilities in the city and also issues revenue bonds for industrial projects.

    4. Public Building Corporation

      Not-for-profit corporation has been formed to assist in providing alternative means to finance various city projects.

    5. Springfield Convention & Visitors Bureau, Inc.

      Promotes tourism and conventions in the city.

  5. Quasi-Judicial Boards

    Find out about the city boards considered to be quasi-judicial.

    1. Apply to Serve

      links to the application form for boards and commissions service

    2. Board of Adjustment

      The Board of Adjustment consists of 5 members and up to 3 alternates who are nominated by the City Manager and appointed by the City Council.

    3. Building Trades Examination & Certification Board

      The Building Trades Examination and Certification Board administers the licensing of the members of various building crafts or trades.

  6. Special Purpose Districts or Boards

    Get information relating to the special purpose districts and boards which are provided for by state laws.

    1. Apply to Serve

      links to the application form for boards and commissions service

    2. Board of Equalization

      The city appointed members meet with representatives from the county board for the purpose of equalizing assessment of property within the city.

    3. Land Clearance for Redevelopment Authority

      This mayor-appointed board administers the Community Development Program for the city.

    4. Public Housing Authority

      The Public Housing Authority provides housing for people of low income.

    5. Springfield - Greene County Public Library Board

      The Springfield - Greene County Public Library Board sets and reviews policies carried out by the director.

    6. University of Missouri Extension Council

      The University of Missouri Extension Council makes recommendations and suggestions to the university concerning the extension programs.

  7. Task Forces

    Getting involved in city government can be as simple as volunteering to serve on a specially appointed citizen task force to study specific issues.

    1. Citizen Task Forces

      Getting involved in city government can be as simple as volunteering to serve on a specially appointed citizen task force to study specific issues.

    2. Specially Appointed Task Forces

      Find out about the Specially Appointed Task Forces in the City of Springfield.

  8. Ethics Handbook

    Review the handbook for the City of Springfield Board Members.

    1. Introduction

      Thank you for agreeing to serve the citizens of Springfield as a volunteer appointee.

    2. Types of Boards

      There are a variety of volunteer boards. Some are administrative, while others advise or serve a judicial function.

    3. Advisory Opinion - Conclusion

      Read the chapters of the ethics handbook relating to obtaining an advisory opinion, perception of conflict of interest, penalties, and the conclusion.

    4. Appendix A

      No person shall be elected or appointed to any civil or military office in this state who is not a citizen of the United States, and who shall not have resided in this state 1 year next preceding his election or appointment, except that the residence in this state shall not be necessary in cases of appointment to administrative positions requiring technical or specialized skill or knowledge.

    5. Appendix B

      Prohibited acts by elected and appointed public officials and employees.

    6. Appendix C

      Except as otherwise specifically provided in this charter, all boards established or authorized by this charter shall consist of 9 members appointed for a term of 3 years and until their successors are appointed and qualified.

    7. Appendix D

      This appendix covers Springfield City Code Chapter 2, Article IV, Section 2-34.

    8. Appendix E

      The following examples are provided to give you an idea how Springfield's Code of Ethics would be applied.

  9. Meeting Procedures

    Review the procedures for meetings of city appointed boards, commissions, committees, subcommittees, and task forces.