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Program Purpose & Description
Show-Me Yards and Neighborhoods (SMYN) is an educational program designed to raise awareness about the role urban storm water runoff plays in the water quality of nearby streams, creeks, rivers, and lakes. Through voluntary educational activities, SMYN offers environmentally responsible alternatives to traditional lawn care and construction practices that contribute to the runoff of contaminants and excess nutrients. SMYN also recognizes and commends individuals and professionals who put the SMYN techniques into practice homeowners can earn an attractive yard sign and professionals can become certified.
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Qualify as a Show-Me Yard

To qualify as a Show-Me Yard, the landowner may choose from a menu of approved practices from the yard certification checklist (PDF) to earn credits or "inches". When 36 inches have been earned, the yard is certified as a Show-Me Yard.

Benefits of Having a Show-Me Yard

  • Landowners receive valuable information including cost-saving, environmentally-responsible lawn and landscape tips.
  • Certified lawns will earn a handsome yard sign and positive publicity in the community.
  • Participants have immediate access to lawn and landscape professionals.
Homeowners, contractors and other professionals associated with lawn care are encouraged to participate in Show-Me Yards and Neighborhoods. For more information, please call Barbara Lucks at 417-864-2006.


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