Resources & Incentives

The Brownfields Program works to assess, clean up, and facilitate the redevelopment / reuse of potentially contaminated properties known as “brownfields” within the City of Springfield.

Phase I & Phase II Environmental Assessments
Private property owners, non-profits, and governmental agencies can apply to have a Phase I or Phase II environmental assessment conducted through the City’s Brownfields Program. The city currently has funding through an EPA grant for both Hazardous Substance and Petroleum Related Assessments.

Who to Contact
Applications and signed access agreements may be returned by email, postal mail, or fax to:

Olivia Hough, Brownfields Coordinator
Department of Planning and Development
840 Boonville
Springfield, MO 65802
Ph: 417-864-1092
Fx: 417-864-1030

Assessment Forms & Documents
Revolving Loan Fund
Provides low-interest loans to private parties for environmental remediation and sub-grants to non-profit organizations. The RLF helps facilitate environmental cleanup of brownfields.
Who to Contact
Olivia Hough
Brownfields Coordinator
Ph: 417-864-1092

Revolving Loan Fund Forms & Documents


Missouri Brownfields / Voluntary Cleanup Program (BVCP)
The BVCP provides property owners with Missouri Department of Natural Resources oversight of cleanup activities and assures compliance with all State guidelines. Applicants pay for the BVCP's oversight costs, calculated at an hourly rate. Participation in the program is voluntary and applicants may withdraw at any time. When the BVCP is satisfied with the cleanup, the applicant is given either a Certification of Completion or No Further Action Letter. The department's Brownfields / Voluntary Cleanup Memorandum of Agreement with the Environmental Protection Agency states that a No Further Action Letter will be granted to the property owner at completion of the BVCP process.

Who to Contact
Missouri Department of Natural Resources
Brownfields / Voluntary Cleanup Section
P.O. Box 176
Jefferson City, MO 65102
Ph: 573-526-8913
Fx: 573-526-8922

BVCP Documents
Missouri Environmental Improvement & Energy Resources Authority (EIERA)
The EIERA provides loans and grants to eligible entities including private owners and non-profits for cleanup.

Who to Contact
State Environmental Improvement and Energy Resources Authority (EIERA)
P.O. Box 744
Jefferson City, MO 65102
Ph: 573-751-4919
Other City Resources & Financing Incentives
The City of Springfield Brownfields Program is part of the Planning Department Economic Development Office (EDO). Through a team of economic development professionals, the city offers personalized service to guide developers through the brownfields redevelopment process. In addition, the EDO administers a range of other economic development programs that can be applied to brownfields projects in many cases such as: