Citizens Advisory Committee for Community Development

The Citizens' Advisory Committee for Community Development makes recommendations for Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) discretionary funding to the City Council, within the established guidelines. In carrying out its duty, the Committee holds monthly meetings, public hearings, and reviews project updates.

About the Committee


  • Make recommendation for CDBG funding
  • $1.4 Million for FY 2010 / 2011
  • In accordance with consolidated plan adopted by City Council create 5-year document outlining needs and priorities for funding
  • Within guidelines established by council


  • Citizen Participation Plan
  • Special Ordinance 23074, December 16, 1996
  • City Council Guidance, Resolution 8720, December 14, 1999

Project Examples

  • City housing and small business programs
  • Urban districts improvements
  • Non-profit housing development and upgrade
  • After-school and summer programs
  • Supplemental food program
  • Shelters

Annual Action Plan

  • Incorporates committee and council recommendations
  • Becomes annual application to HUD for funding
  • Entities apply for funding

Public Participation

  • Annual joint committee / council public hearing
  • Allows applicants and public to speak
  • Publish notice in News-Leader

Formal Recommendation

  • Meet following public input to finalize recommendation
  • Review staff evaluation of projects per council direction


  • Committee hosts presentations
  • Committee tours projects
  • Reviews accomplishments