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  • Apply Online for: Pre-Development review and Commercial Projects, Residential Projects, Trade Permits, Public Improvements, Planning Applications, Driveway Projects, Excavation Projects, Wrecking Permits and more!
  • View Dashboard for your project and permits
  • Receive Project/Permit Status email Notifications
  • Add Applicants/Contractors to your Permits
  • Pay Online
  • Print your own Permits
  • Requests Inspections Online
  • View Inspection Results in Real Time
  • Current ePlans Submittal and Review Process stays the same
  • View ePlans Review Comments in eCity

Notice: As of Friday, October 12 at 12pm (noon), this form was taken offline to prepare for the eCity launch.

About ePlans

ePlans offers an enormous benefit to the design professional community, clients and citizens. Unlike the a paper system, ePlans allows for several cost and time saving efficiencies, including:

• Submission of plans electronically, from the convenience of your office, 24 hours, 7 days a week

• Simultaneous review of the plans by all professional and trade disciplines

• City reviewer mark-ups are made on a separate layer of the plans to provide correction, direction, and clarity

• Resubmission of corrected plans electronically from the convenience of your office

• Reduced printing and transportation cost, and

• Real time return of your approved plans, once the fees are paid.

If you are unsure how to submit a project using ePlans, please refer to the ePlans User Guide (PDF).