Police Officer Employment

  1. Applying for Police Officer

  2. Lateral Hire Program

    View details of the Lateral Hire Program.

  3. Testing & Selection Procedure

    Learn about the elements of the testing and selection process and what you can do to better prepare yourself for testing.

  4. Testing Schedule - Regular & Lateral Candidates

    Testing schedule for the recruitment of Springfield Police Officers.

  5. Background Investigation Questionnaire

    Read through the background questionnaire.

  6. Duties & Requirements

    Learn more about the duties and requirements to become a Springfield Police Officer.

  7. Police Officer Job Description

    Learn more about the duties and essential functions of the Police Officer position.

  8. Police Officer Benefits

    Review the list of benefits offered to Springfield Police Officers.

  9. Physical Agility Video

    This video describes in detail the physical agility testing portion of the screening process for the Springfield Police Department's Police Academy.

  10. Physical Agility Test Prep Guide

    Physical Agility Test Prep Guide

  11. Written Exam

    Information pertaining to the written exam portion of the Police Officer testing process.

  12. FAQs

    Commonly asked questions related to Police Officer recruitment.