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The Planning and Zoning Commission is constituted in accordance with Section 11.1, Article XI, Springfield City Charter. Nine members are appointed by the City Council and serve without compensation. The members hold office for a term of 4 years and may be reappointed for a maximum of 2 terms.

Public Hearings

The Planning and Zoning Commission holds public hearings and makes recommendations on a variety of issues:

  • Proposed amendments to the Comprehensive Plan
  • Proposed amendments to the text of the Zoning Ordinance.
  • Proposed conditional use permits
  • Proposed preliminary plats to subdivide property
  • Proposed public property acquisitions and disposals
  • Proposed relinquishment or granting of easements
  • Proposed rezoning applications
  • Proposed street name changes
  • Proposed vacations of streets, alleys and subdivisions

Hearing Conduct

Any person who has an interest in the subject matter of a hearing will have the opportunity to present evidence, exhibits and argument, and to question, through the chairman of the commission, witnesses on all relevant issues, subject to the chairman's imposition of reasonable limitations on the number of witnesses, and the nature and length of testimony and questioning. Speakers are limited to 5 minutes, unless additional time is requested.

Each item on the Planning and Zoning Commission agenda is discussed separately, in the order listed on the agenda, unless the commission decides to alter the order or group related cases together.

  • First, staff will make a presentation on the item
  • Then the applicant will make a presentation
    • The chairman will then ask if there is anyone who wishes to speak to the issue
    • If you wish to speak, raise your hand, or stand up
    • The chairman will recognize those who wish to speak and call them to the podium, 1 at a time
    • When you are at the podium, the chairman will ask you to give your name and address for the record
    • Please speak clearly and into the microphone because all the public hearings are audio-recorded, video-taped and broadcast live on CityView.


The commission bases their decisions on the following information and evidence:

  • Testimony, exhibits and arguments presented at the hearing. Commission does not accept direct or indirect communication with any party or representative of such party made outside the meeting
  • Reports, memoranda and other materials prepared by city staff or consultants in connection with the application
  • Inspection of the site
  • The Springfield Comprehensive Plan and adopted goals, objectives and policies related to community development
  • The knowledge of matters of fact held by members of the commission, provided any such factual matters are made a part of the public record at the time of the hearing; and anyone present at the hearing is given the opportunity at the hearing to refute, expand on or explain any such factual matters.