Solve a Neighborhood Problem - Contact Your PAR Officer

Solving Issues

You can call 911 and ask for an officer to come out which may solve the problem in the short-term. However, you know from experience that it will happen again. What you want is to have the underlying problems resolved so that these incidents stop and don’t happen again. This may be a long-term problem that can be solved by your Police Area Representative (PAR) officer.

PAR Officers

The purpose of a PAR officer is to have a direct contact for citizens when dealing with neighborhood concerns and complaints.  PAR officers work varying schedules, which allows them to focus the necessary attention to neighborhood concerns and complaints.  PAR officers utilize criminal codes when possible to deal with neighborhood complaints or concerns, but also work with other City departments when those complaints or concerns can be addressed through other non-criminal City codes.  When PAR officers get involved in a neighborhood issue, their job is not to find fault or place blame, but to coordinate and facilitate efforts in hopes of solving the identified problem.  

Contacting a PAR Officer

If you’re having an ongoing problem in your neighborhood and would like to discuss it with your PAR officer, first determine what police response area (or zone) you live in by checking the zone map (or call 864-1810 if you need further assistance). Find your neighborhood’s PAR officer in the table below and leave a message for him. PAR officers work a varying schedule and may not be available when you call, but will return your call as soon as possible. If you need immediate assistance or feel that your problem can’t wait, call 911.

Community Services Section   
CSS CommanderLt. Mike Lucas417-864-1563[email protected]
CSS SupervisorSgt. Ryan Russell417-864-1193[email protected]
CSS Special Events CoordinatorCpl. Kaylee Friend417-864-1727[email protected]
Northwest PAR OfficerOfficer Austin Faulconer 417-874-2536[email protected]
Northeast PAR OfficerOfficer Evan Nicholson417-874-2537[email protected]
Southwest PAR OfficerOfficer Eric Luebbert
417-864-1138[email protected]
Center City North PAR OfficerOfficer Jimmy Andela417-874-2535[email protected]
Center City South PAR OfficerOfficer Keith Wright417-864-1194[email protected]
Southeast PAR OfficerOfficer Jacob Boomgaarden417-864-1321[email protected]
Business Watch OfficerOfficer Kolby Helms
[email protected]
Crime Prevention OfficerOfficer Kolby Helms417-864-1320[email protected]
Neighborhood Watch OfficerOfficer Kolby Helms
[email protected]
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