Springfield-Greene County Health Department News Releases

Posted on: January 11, 2016

Jan 11, 2016 - Greene County signs budget to eliminate additional vaccine charge

Greene County Missouri Budget Signing - Kevin Gipson speaking for SGCHD

The signing of the 2016 Greene County budget today marked the elimination of an out-of-city vaccine fee Greene County residents have had to pay for immunizations.

Since mid-2012, Greene County residents living outside of the city limits of Springfield have had to pay a $59 administration fee per vaccine. Now, Greene County residents will pay the same fee as City of Springfield residents--$36.

As the county struggled to balance budgets in the aftermath of the Recession, Springfield-Greene County Health Department funding was cut, resulting in the enhanced administration fee to better balance city versus county investment.

“Our County Commissioners deserve kudos for their work to bring funding back to public health,” Director of Health Kevin Gipson said. “We appreciate the commission making health a priority.”

The County Commission has added $250,564 to the SGCHD budget for 2016, the last in a stair-step agreement to restore funding to the Health Department. The addition brings the total funding for SGCHD from the county to $1,191,351. That amounts to $4.20 per county resident from Greene County general revenue for public health.

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