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Posted on: April 11, 2017

Ken McClure sworn in as Mayor of Springfield



New Springfield Mayor Ken McClure took his seat at the dais after being sworn in during a noon City Council meeting in Historic City Hall April 11. Returning Council members General Seat A Councilwoman Jan Fisk; General Seat B Councilman Craig Hosmer; Zone 1 Councilwoman Phyllis Ferguson; and  Zone 4 Councilman Craig Fishel were also sworn in. Zone 2 Councilman Tom Prater was out of town and will be sworn in at a later date.


Councilwoman Kristi Fulnecky continues to serve in the General C seat, which has two years remaining in its current term. Councilman Prater’s term will end in 2019, as he was appointed to the unexpired term vacated last year by Justin Burnett before being elected to continue in that term. Zone 3 Councilman Mike Schilling’s term continues through 2019.


“We have a real opportunity now to move our city forward in the right direction in the right way. We’ll take the time and we will exert the effort that we need to chart the course that’s transparent, strategically planned and do it in the right way,” Mayor McClure said in his first remarks.


“We are all here because we care deeply about our community and take our role as public servants and our servant leadership very, very seriously. We should, and we will have, vigorous debate. We should stand up for our principals and will have disagreements. But we must and we will do it with respect for each other and we’ll do it in good faith and we will do civilly. We will work to make sure that our agreement with the community maintains the highest professional standards of civility and accountability and reflects the shared vision that we all have of moving the community forward.”


He went on to say he believed that one of the most positive elements that came out of the campaign process was affirming a joint commitment to public safety and economic growth. He also thanked City employees.


“Finally, a word to our City employees: your work, your dedication, your commitment is deeply appreciated. You’re the ones who make Springfield work and make it the community of which we are proud. Many times, you go unrecognized, so on behalf of a grateful Council … thank you.”


City Council is now taking applications for McClure’s vacant General D seat. Paperwork is due back to the City Clerk’s office by 5 p.m., Tuesday, April 25. City Council will review the applications and is expected to conduct finalist interviews starting at 1 p.m., May 2. As is laid out in the City Charter, Section 2.5, the City Council will appoint an individual to fill the unexpired term until the April 2, 2019 election.


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Link to Mayor McClure’s swearing in ceremony and remarks (begins at 32-minute mark)


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