Springfield, MO 65802

Springfield, MO 65802

Name Title Email Phone
Mc Entire, Bradley Print Shop Assistant Operator 417-864-1448
Thompson, Marc Print Shop Supervisor 417-864-1016
Fisher, Brandie Financial Analyst 417-864-1852
Vernon, Jody Financial Analyst 417-864-1616
Turpin, Angela Accounting Technician 417-864-1627
Thompson, Pam Accounting Clerk I 417-864-1871
Stranghoener, Brian Financial Analyst 417-874-1290
Shoemaker, Lana Accounting Clerk II 417-864-1630
Portis, Stacia Accounting Technician 417-864-1629
Kerringer, Maryjo Financial Analyst 417-874-2203
Waggoner, Carrie Accounting Services Rep 417-864-1886
Charles, Linda Accounting Technician 417-864-1864
Dement, Justin Financial Analyst 417-864-1885
Crisp, Nikki Jo Executive Secretary 417-874-2203
Smith, Buffee Contract Administrator 417-864-1552
Allen, Teresa Financial Analyst 417-864-1631
Abbott, James Accounting Services Rep 417-864-1887


Springfield, MO 65802

Springfield, MO 65802


218 E. Central
Springfield, MO 65802



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The Purchasing Division is committed to support the operations of city government in a manner which assures the community that all procurements are conducted with integrity, openness and with fair and equal opportunity.

Name Title Email Phone
Calia, Ben City Purchasing Agent 417-864-1637
Cox, Todd Buyer II 417-864-1708
Goddard, Sandy Purchasing Assistant 417-864-1620
Blankenship, Morgan Buyer I 417-864-2079
Neuleib, Denise Buyer II 417-864-1624
Strong, Debi Purchasing Assistant II 417-864-2080
Goldenberg, Kilina Buyer I 417-864-1594
Juarez, Margaret Buyer II 417-864-1621