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1. Where do I register my property?
2. What is the purpose of residential rental registration?
3. Define what you mean by "local person."
4. You already have my information from my business license for my duplex rental. Why do I need to register it again?
5. How can I correct an error in my registration?
6. How do I delete my registered rental property if I sell it?
7. I am a property manager. Can I register all properties I manage on behalf of the individual owners?
8. Who has access to the database of information? I do not want my information made public.
9. Is there a deadline to have my property registered?
10. What is the contact number for the person(s) and/or department that will be handling the program?
11. The form will not let me register a vacant property in the Rountree or Phelps Grove neighborhoods. Why?