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* City's Landfill

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Admission Fee

TIPPING FEE: $30.94 per ton, with a $20 minimum per vehicle

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City Landfill accepts:

  • Municipal Waste
  • Construction & Demolition Waste
  • Other special waste with written approval
    -BioSolids (20% solids minimum)
    -Special residual wastes
    -Large quantities of dead animals
    -Incinerator and air pollution control residues
    -Industrial process wastes and sludges
    -Soil contaminated with petroleum products
    -Refrigeration compressors/systems (automotive, industrial, home that contain freon and other
    cholorofluorocarbon gas)
  • Special Handling charges- Tipping Fees +PLUS $140/hour
    ($30.49/ton or $20 minimum)+(a minimum $140/hour charge)

Learn more at:

  City Website- Landfill See the Environmental Safeguards, facility guidelines, in depth directions to the facility, and holiday closings.

For questions, please call the Recycling Hotline at 864-1904.


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