Is there anything that I can do to prepare for an oral exam / interview?

Be prepared by finding out as much as you can about the position.

  1. Review the job description.
  2. Be prepared to talk about your past experience, education, skills, and abilities as they relate to the position. Past experiences can include customer service, high public contact, and other related experience applicable to the position of interest. Don't forget related educational experiences!
  3. Be sure to fully explain your skills and abilities even if the interviewer is familiar with your background and resume. Don't assume that an interviewer will just know that you are the best candidate.
  4. If you do not hear or understand a question, ask the interviewer to repeat it.
  5. Practice before the interview. Anticipate questions you may be asked and practice answering them out loud prior to the interview.
  6. Dress appropriately - always be well groomed.
  7. Be prompt - plan to arrive early for the interview to allow time to find parking, to locate the appropriate office, and to complete any necessary paperwork.
  8. Remember to maintain good posture and body language.
  9. Finally, just try to relax.

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