Is this a grant program?
No. This is a loan program. The city will record a lien (deed of trust) on your property with the Greene County Recorder's Office that secures the loan, and a promissory note is required. If you qualify for a fully deferred loan, (0% interest loan that does not require monthly payments) the loan is due if you no longer reside in your home or property ownership is transferred. Some portion of the loan may require monthly payments at 5% interest. This will depend on household income.

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1. Is this a grant program?
2. What are the income limits?
3. Is a contract for deed eligible?
4. Is it ok if I already have a loan on the property when I apply for a city loan?
5. Can I do the work myself and be the general contractor?
6. What if I don't have a very good credit report?
7. What if I decide to sell my home at some point in the future?
8. How is the contractor paid?
9. Is there a waiting list?
10. What must I do to comply with my loan after the work is complete?