When should a traffic signal be installed?
Traffic signals should only be installed when they are warranted as determined by an engineering study. A warranted traffic signal that is properly located and operated may provide for more orderly movement of traffic, and may reduce the occurrence of certain types of crashes. On the other hand, an unwarranted traffic signal can result in increased delay, congestion, and crashes. Installations are based on engineering studies that consider the following:
  • crash history
  • excessive side street volumes
  • flow of traffic along major street
  • pedestrian delays and/or pedestrian safety
  • side street delays
  • uniform traffic flow

    City ordinance authorizes the Traffic Engineer to post 20 miles per hour (mph) school speed limit signs 200 feet beyond the school property on streets where the reduced speed limit is warranted. In addition, city council has also approved special ordinances for lower speed limits in the Park Central, Commercial Street commercial districts, and the Southwest Missouri State University campus.

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