Do I need an appointment ...
  1. If I have an immediate need for a grave space to bury my loved one? No,  we are happy to assist any immediate need to purchase spaces without an appointment.
  2. To purchase a pre-planned grave space?  An appointment is appreciated to ensure someone will be in the office to assist you. Call (417) 891-1660
  3. To inquire the location of a gravesite?  No, the office is open Monday - Friday, 8am - 4:30pm
  4. To make Genealogy requests?  Genealogy requests are preferred by appointment to allow time to assist you in your research.  Call (417) 891-1660

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1. What are the hours at Hazelwood Cemetery?
2. What is the cost of a grave space?
3. How much does a burial cost?
4. When are the annual clean up dates?
5. Can I look up a grave location on this website?
6. Do I need an appointment ...
7. What are the rules and regulations concerning monuments?
8. I don't have a printer. Where can I get a map of Hazelwood?
9. When was Hazelwood purchased by the City?
10. Can I plant flowers/shrubs around my loved one's gravesite & monument?
11. Can I bring my pet to the cemetery?
12. Who's Who ? Are there any notables buried at Hazelwood?