Privately Developed Public Improvements (PWI/PIP)

Projects funded and managed by private individuals or developers. Projects submitted by private developers for streets, sidewalks*, storm sewer and sanitary sewer public improvement are assessed an engineering, inspection and technology fee. The fee is 5.34% of the project cost. Privately funded improvements do not have to be publically advertised. These fees are collected after the plans and construction bid have been approved. Additional fees can be incurred depending upon geographic location such as Trunkline Connection fees and Sewer Lift Station fees. Once the projects are constructed, inspected, completed and accepted, the city takes over maintenance of the infrastructure. Public improvements can sometimes be escrowed, with approval, to expedite building permits or plats. *Sidewalk improvements must be on a public improvement plan UNLESS there are no other public improvements required for a project A request to extend the completion date set forth in the bond or agreement given to the City in lieu of completing the public improvements required as part of a subdivision. Approval is limited to one (1) additional year for completion. If no other public improvements are required, sidewalk plans must be submitted as part of the building plans and a sidewalk permit is required. Learn More    Escrow Information

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