Sewer Impact (SWR)
An Impact fee is a charge to every new or expanded user of the Publicly-Owned Treatment Works of the City, based water usage as defined by the number and size of water meters that serve the property or premises as approved by city ordinance #4162 passed in October of 1990. Additional fees, such as Trunkline Connection fees, SECR (sewer extension cost recovery) fees, and Special Connection agreements, may be incurred, based upon geographic location, at the same time the Sewer Impact permit is issued. There is no online application for SWR permits, however once the fee is established, it can be paid online or in person at the Busch Building. This fee is typically calculated as part of commercial building permits within the city. To apply for residential or county SWR permits, please call Environmental Services at 417-864-1921 or visit us at the Busch Building first floor.
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