Encroachment (ENC)
A permit is required for an encroachment on public right-of-way. City Code defines encroachments as any structure, building, fixture, sign or other object belonging to any person which has been constructed, installed or placed on, in over or under any public street, public sidewalk or public right-of-way, other than encroachments which will remain in place for a temporary period not in excess of thirty (30) days that have been approved by the City in connection with an event for which a permit has been issued by the city. City Code gives authority to the Public Works Director to issue a license agreement for new awnings, canopies, planters, street furniture or sidewalk cafes. Any other type of encroachment must be approved by City Council.
Contact Traffic Operations at 417-864-1980 to obtain information and requirements for any encroachment on public right-of-way.

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