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Residential Rental Property Registration


  1. 1. Step One
  2. 2. Property Address
  3. 3. Owner/Responsible Party
  4. 4. Verification
  • Step One

    1. As of Jan. 16, 2018 according to Springfield City Code, residential rental registration is required in the city limits of Springfield. Registrations must be submitted by Nov. 27, 2018. Registration is for single-family residences and owner-occupied duplexes only. Other types of rental properties should have a business license through the City of Springfield Business License Department, i.e., apartments, triplexes, etc.

      Rental registration allows for enhanced communication between the City and property owner or responsible party, proactively establishing lines of communication before legal channels must be explored when issues come up regarding property maintenance. The City's goal is to be able to contact property owner or responsible party as soon as we know there’s an issue so it can be addressed quickly.

      Thanks for your help in keeping Springfield neighborhoods clean, safe and friendly.

      Read our list of Frequently Asked Questions about residential rental property registration.

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