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Adopt-A-Stream Request Submission


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    2. Adopt-A-Stream Logo

    3. Adopt-A-Stream is a program that connects citizens directly to area streams. Adopters remove the trash, enjoy the stream environment and celebrate the improvements in water quality, parks and trails over time. As our community becomes an even better water steward, we’ll see improvements in the health of our streams and the beauty of our surroundings. The program is an opportunity for citizens to become involved with the City’s efforts to keep our streams free from trash while connecting with others. The City of Springfield recognizes that waterways are the most common places for garbage to end up when not disposed of properly. The City needs your help to maintain the beauty and cleanliness of our waterways. Fill out this form to begin the registration of your stream adoption.

    4. Please list the company, business or organization you represent.

    5. Please fill-in if it is different then the above. This the name that will be used for recognitions and included on your Adopt-A-Stream sign.