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Licensing: Phelps Grove Parking Permit Online Form

  1. Portions of the following streets are considered part of the Phelps Grove Parking District:
    Bennett, Catalpa, Delmar, Dollison, Florence, Grand, Green, Kings, Loren, Maryland, Meadowmere, National, Normal, Pennsylvania, Roanoke, Virginia
  2. If you wish to apply for a neighborhood parking permit, please complete the following online application
  3. Do you own this residence?
  4. Owner's Name or Business Name

  5. DMV Registration.*
    The vehicles I will list below are registered with the Department of Motor Vehicles to the above displayed address.
  6. If the vehicles are not registered with the Department of Motor Vehicles at the address you have chosen, you must provide proof of residency before a parking permit can be issued. Please upload a file that displays your name and the address you chose. Acceptable documents include utility bills, lease agreements, mail delivered to you at this address, or other similar documents. If you cannot upload a document, you may either bring the proof to the License Division or request to complete the process through the mail. If you have questions regarding this process, please call 417-864-1617.
  7. Visitors Permit Only?
    Check here if you do not need parking permits for any vehicle and you only want a visitors permit.
  8. Vehicle Information:
    Residents of the Phelps Grove Parking District may obtain up to 3 parking permits for residents. One visitor's permit will be issued to each qualifying address.
  9. Vehicle 1:
  10. Vehicle 2:
  11. Vehicle 3:
  12. Statement of Accuracy and Compliance:*
    I verify that the above information is true and accurate. I understand permits are NOT transferable and the duplication of permits is prohibited. I also understand that failure to provide sufficient information, as part of this online application, may the delay the issuance of any permits.
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