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  1. Animal Lost & Found Form
  2. COVID-19 Kids Safety Pledge
  3. Mental Health Assessment - Share Your Story

    Share your story about how you or someone you know has been impacted by mental health in our community.

  4. Resource Guide Request

    Request to be added to the Mental Health Resource page at

  5. Well Water Bacteria Test
  1. Community Health Advocate Direct Referral

    Our Community Health Advocates focus on families and individuals in our community to connect them to healthcare services and community... More…

  2. Form for Cara
  3. Region D Vaccination Event

    Please complete the following form once creating your event in Vaccine Navigator so that we may better assist callers.

  4. Sign up for COVID-19 vaccine updates & take the #FinishStrongSGF Pledge
  5. Worksite Wellness Interest Form

    Please answer a few questions so we may better serve you. A representative with the HLA Worksite Wellness Program will contact you... More…