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Animal Lost & Found Form

  1. This form helps alert staff should an animal matching your description below enter our animal shelter. If we do pick up an animal matching your description, you will be notified so that you may come to the shelter for formal identification of your pet (see shelter hours, location and contact info). If we receive a lost report matching a found report, contact will be made with both parties to try and connect them. This program is being maintained by volunteers for the shelter, so please allow time for your information to be received.

    Keep in mind that we ONLY pick up stray dogs inside the city limits of Springfield, so please DO NOT file a lost report if you live outside the city. Cats are not picked up as strays since there is no leash law in the city, but sometimes neighbors turn in cats as their own, so it is possible that your lost cat could be at the shelter.

    After 5 days dogs are available to offer to rescue groups, so please begin your search as early as possible to claim your pet.

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  6. If you submit an Animal Lost and Found Form, and later find your pet, please call (417) 833-3592 and inform the staff that you have been reunited with your pet.
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