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Pre-Development Review


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      The City of Springfield’s Development Review Team is excited to begin our partnership with you! To ensure we have the information we need to best serve you, please take a few moments to fill out the form below. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at 417-864-1611.

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    3. What a Pre-Development Meeting Offers You

      Pre-development is a free, informal meeting prior to the formal applications process and is meant to discuss in general terms the proposed development, application requirements, design standards, design alternatives, required permits and the approval process needed.

      This meeting is also an opportunity for applicants to obtain information on land use changes (zoning), subdivision of land, or other land use actions. This meeting provides you with an opportunity to discuss your proposal with City staff prior to submitting a formal application. Pre-development meetings are a valuable resource in the processing of your application, particularly if you are unfamiliar with City standards, required permits, or if your proposal is complex or needs multiple approvals. The meeting will familiarize you with the various elements of the City’s permitting process, including:

      • Clarifying the regulations and plan submittal requirements specific to your proposal;
      • Providing you an early opportunity to identify potential major issues that may impact your schedule or cost; and
      • Discussing the plan review process to expedite permit processing and approvals.

    4. Procedure and Scheduling

      Pre-development meetings are scheduled through the City of Springfield Development Review Office on a first-come/first-served basis. Pre-development applications must be submitted on Monday by 3:00 PM. Your meeting is then scheduled for a week from the following Wednesday, nine (9) calendar days later. You will be notified of the date, time and location of your meeting no later than two days prior to your Wednesday meeting. This meeting typically takes place Wednesday mornings 9am to noon. Additional information on the City’s pre-development process may be obtained by contacting Development Review Office at 417-864-1611 or by visiting our webpage at


      In order for us to provide you the best service, it is very important that our review team have an opportunity to discuss your project with your entire team. If you have hired a professional design team, please bring them to the Pre-Development Meeting. If you have not reached a point where you have engaged any professional services, we will provide you with information as to when professionally prepared documents will be required.

    6. We look forward to working with you and want your project to be a success!