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  1. Camera Location Registration

    Commercial establishments, rental property management and even homeowners can register camera equipment with SPD so that officials can... More…

  2. File a Complaint

    Begin the formal process of filing a complaint against a Springfield Police Department employee here.

  3. Get Started with Business Watch

    Let us know you are interested in SPD's Business Watch program.

  4. Police Officer Interest Card

    SPD is continuously hiring new recruits for its academy. To share your interest in our hiring process with an SPD recruiter, please... More…

  5. Share the Road, Motorcycle Training Course

    Thank you for your interest in the Springfield Police Department’s “Sharetheroad” Program. Please answer the following questions.

  6. Springfield Police Chaplain Application
  7. Springfield Police Volunteer Application
  1. Drug Tip Form

    Do you have information about drug-related activity? The Springfield Police Department investigates tips from citizens concerning... More…

  2. File a complaint about a Springfield Police Department employee

    Complete this form if you wish to file a complaint about a Springfield Police Department employee.

  3. Officer Recognition Form

    Police officers are expected to protect and serve the public as part of their duty. But sometimes an officer may go that extra mile. A... More…

  4. Ride-along Request Form
  5. Springfield Police Cadet Unit Application
  6. Springfield Police Internship Application
  7. Subscribe to Quarterly Newsletter

    SPD's Crime Prevention Unit publishes a quarterly newsletter. To subscribe to these newsletters, please fill out the quick form below.