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  1. Important Information
    This Form is for Complaints Against Police Employees
    Please Read

    This form is for complaints against police employees,
    If you have a complaint about a criminal matter, please file a police report.

    The Springfield Police Department’s Vision Statement is:

    As members of the Springfield Police Department, we are committed to providing quality service to our community through personal integrity, fairness, open communication and a helpful attitude. Please know that the staff of the Inspections and Internal Affairs Unit is committed to those we serve, both in the community and within the police department, in conducting fair and objective investigations.

    The following things should be kept in mind when you are considering filing a complaint:

    • If you have a ticket or criminal charge pending in any Court, filing a complaint will not result in the ticket or charge being dismissed. The complaint process has no bearing on the court system. The matter must be resolved in the appropriate Court.

    • Filing a complaint will not subject you to additional police action, or any type of “harassment.”

    • Filing a complaint will not award you a financial settlement. If you seek a financial settlement, you will need to seek legal representation.

    • Filing a complaint will not prevent police from conducting legitimate law enforcement related activities involving you, or the area in which you live, work, frequent, or in the location in which the incident complained of occurred.

    • Under Missouri law, it is unlawful to make a false report to the police, hinder or interfere with an investigation, or provide false information to the police.

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